Magento Development

What is Magento?

MagentoA�community editionA�is an open source eCommerce solution for medium to large eCommerce projects. Originally developed by Varien inc. Magento began development in 2007 and was released in 2008 and since then has become one of the most popular eCommerce solutions. Since 2008 Magento community edition has grown and the latest version 2.0 was released in 2015. Most current Magento sites are still on version 1.92 due to Magento 2.0 being a complete re-write of the software making upgrades a large undertaking.

Common applications of Magento:

Magento community edition is commonly used for custom eCommerce sites that manage large inventories. Basic Magento sites often have support for up to 6000 SKUs and provide shipping calculation, tax calculation, and payment gateway support. Magento community edition installs also come with the ability to create promotional codes, and have a multilingual store so that your products can reach people all over the world. Generally small and medium sized retail business choose Magento community edition for it’s versatility, custom nature, and powerful inventory management capabilities. Magneto can also be used without the online store component, say you have a large inventory at a warehouse with thousands of unique SKUs and you need a way to manage that inventory and track shipments. With Magento setting up that inventory management system is a definite possibility.

Is Magento right for you?

So you are interested in Magento but want to know if it’s right for you? Here is a series of questions that could help you out.

Do you have a large inventory A�with a wide variety of SKUs?

Do you need inventory or POS integration?

Do you want a custom site that incorporates your logo and complies with your companies theme?

Do you need shipping and tax calculation built in to simplify the process of moving your products?

Are you interested in having modules and/or addons installed to make your job easier?

Does your company require a powerful inventory management system and the ability to create custom promotions for your products?

Is a responsive site design that is mobile friendly important to you?

Would you be interested in social media integration and blogging capability?

Is having an email with your companies logo important to you?

Would you like integration with payment gateways like PayPal,, Google+, or Amazon?

Do you need pricing for wholesale, customers, and Partners?

DoesA�having a site that can grow with your company interest you?

If your answer to most of these questions is yes, then Magento is right for you and your business, and we have a team of talented Magento developers who will work with you to make your site stand out.

Here’s a few Magento Projects we have done:

If Magento is the eCommerce solution for you feel free to contact us with ideas for your project, and we will work with you to to reach the vision you have for your own Magento site.