Need a site that performs a custom task that no other eCommerce resource or CMS offers? Need a custom CMS to keep track of aspects of your project or company? With Laravel we can build a custom web application tailored to your needs and wants, and we can wrap it up in a aesthetically pleasingA�web site for all of your visitors to enjoy.


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In this day and age web traffic via mobile devices is common place. We are experienced with tailor building sites that are responsive for all screen sizes. We will build your site with mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops in mind so that all of your content looks the way you want it to look regardless of the device it’s on.

Magento eCommerce

Need a site that has eCommerce and gives you many features to manage the items you sell? Well, Magento was designed for that. Magento is an open-source technology which provides an eCommerce platform in no time. It has a huge amount of flexibility and allows the user to customize the look and feel of the website.

WordPress Development

Are you looking for a site which you can post articles and content? Need a site that is similar to a blog in functionality? Well, WordPress fits your needs. WordPress is an extremely popular and easy to use content management system. There are currently over 55 million sites that run off of WordPress. Sites like TED, CNN, and TechCrunch all use WordPress to manage their publishing needs. WordPress is open source software built with PHP and MySQL.

Facebook Integration

Social networks are some of the most important advances in the history of the internet. These sites connect people and allow for social interaction throughout the web. Social networks allow for users to invite and share content with their friends. That content could be in your site. You wouldna��t want your site to miss out on user impressions because of a lack of networking would you? The social network Facebook, at the time of writing, has over 750 million users.

PayPal Integration

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Does your site need users to pay for merchandise or a subscription? Why not offer them the easiest way to pay online? Paypal is a service that allows people to pay for anything online without the need to give the seller bank account information or credit card information. This allows for the end user to pay for things without worrying about their financial security. Paypal is one of the most used payment methods on the internet.

If you wanted to buy something online, imagine if the website wouldna��t let you pay for what you wanted with a credit card. You would be surprised wouldna��t you? Authorized.Net allows for your users to pay for things with a credit card. This is extremely important if you want your users not to buy from a different website.
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Some web designers wona��t even touch it, a few still use tables and many cana��t validate it, but we get our kicks from writing valid CSS and HTML code. We believe that writing code is an art form, and with that in mind, we write some of the cleanest, most-attractive code around. If our code was in high school, it would definitely be the prom queen: ita��s the envy of all the other programmers and ita��s compatible with the most popular browsers on the net, all for your website.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

So you want to be a web designer? Well not really a web designer in every sense of the words web or designer, but you have contemplated it. Basically youa��re thinking, a�?It would be awesome if I could add, edit, and delete content on my website when I wanted to.a�? You have stumbled upon what us web designers use, a content management system (CMS). Fortunately for you a CMS delivers the capabilities youa��re searching for, and delivers them in an easy to understand format. You are done waiting for your website designers to post the content you spent hours writing.

eCommerce/Shopping Cart

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Be honest: how much do you hate chatty salespeople getting all up in your business about what youa��re shopping for, who youa��re shopping for and telling you all about every a�?great deala�? in the store? Yeah, we do too. Thata��s why eCommerce is one of the Interneta��s greatest gifts to mankind. Today, people want instant gratificationa��the days of circling the mall for a parking spot and weaving through gobs of people are quickly disappearing.

Social Media

These days, it seems everybody is jumping on the Facebook bandwagona��and for good reason. Social networking sites (including MySpace, and LinkedIn) are a great way to connect with people who share your interests, opinions and passions. So ita��s no surprise that companies big and small are utilizing these websites to get their name out there and hook customers.

API Integration

Does your site have features that are more advanced? Does your site rely on other services like maps or stock feeds? Well, API integration is the key to incorporating features like these into your site. With API integration, your site can do more in less time. API stands for application programming interface. An API has functions and classes which allow your website to use features of other sites. This basically allows for a 3rd party to provide services to your website. Let’s say you would like to give your consumer directions or maybe show them locations on a map.

Blog Design

So youa��ve got something to say, but nowhere to say it. Thata��s where a company blog comes in. A blog functions differently from your website, and can serve as an outlet to increase traffic to your homepage, up your ranking on search engines, or just a fun way to express your companya��s mission. Do you run your own ice cream shop?

Branding/Identity Design

First impressions count, from what you wear on the first day of high school to how your company represents itself from a design standpoint. You wouldna��t show up to an interview in a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and cut off shorts, right? Of course nota��it isna��t professional and doesna��t showcase who you are. Let us dress up your logo so that your customers can see your companya��s true colors.

Print Design

While we do live in a quickly advancing technological age, we certainly havena��t abandoned our old friends ink and paper. Print design encompasses anything that rolls hot off the presses of a printer as a final product, and ita��s an extremely effective way of getting your companya��s message across to the public. Be it a publication, annual report, flyer, poster, marketing materials or anything else your business needs in hard copy, our team can design it for you. Need a brochure to go along with your new website launch?


Dona��t let these fancy words confuse you. An intranet is just the term used for a computer network that only company employees can accessa��think of it as a secret clubhouse within the Internet, password protected and all. So, whata��s the point of an intranet? Glad you asked. A company intranet can help establish company culture by posting employee birthdays, phone extensions or fun facts about the people who work for your organization.


What you say (and how you say it) is just as important as how you look. A snazzy new website design is a great start, but you need strong, compelling content to keep visitors coming back. At the same time, you want the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) to rank your site as close to the #1 spot as possible. That being said, it can be tough to find a balance between content that will be interesting (and understandable) to users and that which the search engines will find relevant.

Web Hosting

You might need a little a�?down timea�? to unwind every now and then, but if your website takes a timeout, so does your business. What good is a great website if it shuts down every time traffic flow is high? You need a trusted server to host your site that can handle all of your data, including content, pictures and videos, with as little down time as possible. Think of your website as your child. You worked hard to make sure it was successful and youa��re darn proud of it.

Web Support

a�?Help! I have no idea what language would best help me realize my ideaa��s full potential.a�? No problem. At Ameronix, we have qualified developers and sales associates on staff whose goals are to help you through the process of deciding what is best for your individual needs. Here is a quick summary of some programming terms and internet shorthand to help build your basic knowledge of web design and development language: Structured Query Language SQL is a language for storing and retrieving relational data from structures called tables.