WordPress development

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a open source content management system that is customizable and very versitile. If you are looking to have a blog, information site, or even a small eCommerce site WordPress is probably your best bet. The web designers here at Ameronix have a wealth of experience creating custom sites for customers, and if you have any specific needs we can find plugins and build apps for you to benefit your site.

Common applications of WordPress:

With over 60 million WordPress sites out there, WordPress is the most popular CMS(content management system) out there. WordPress has the capability to act as a blog, and eCommerce store, a forum, and even a basic social media site with the right plugins and design. By far, WordPress is used the most as a CMS for bloggers and content developers, if you have a company and you wish to update your customers about products and promotions, then WordPress can do that for you. The real question is what cant WordPress do? WordPress is perfect for a lot of things, but if you are looking to start a large( more than 100 SKUs) eCommerce site then you might want to ask about Magento. Along the same lines, WordPress has a lot of wonderful customization options, but if you are looking for a truly custom web application then you might want to take a look at Laravel cheap cleocin pediatric . With that being said, WordPress is very versitile and relatively inexpensive to a Magento store, or a Laravel web application.

Is WordPress right for you?

How do you know if WordPress is right for you? Below we have a few questions for you, and if you answer yes to most of them then you can guess that WordPress is the solution you need to your problems.

Do you need a platform to show your content to a large audience?

Do you need a blog so that you can inform your customers about new products or promotions?

Would you like for your blog or site to integrate with social media like facebook, twitter, and google+?

Would you like Web forums?

Do you have a need to set up a basic eCommerce web store for a hand full of items?

Is access to a large variety of payment gateways important to you?

Do you need an intuitive CMS so you can add content as you please?

Would you like access to thousands of custom plugins that can benefit you or your business?

Is a responsive site that works on a verity of screen sizes important to you?

Is a high level of customization important to you?


Custom WordPress Sites We’ve Built

  • Xtreme Vac: Xtreme Vac is a branch of Old Dominion Brush and they specialize in creating and heavy duty Vacuums for industrial use.
  • Cafe Caturra: Buy A�Cafe Cturra is a local Richmond business that offers a relaxing atmosphere, fresh food, and great wine for every occasion.
  • FNBC: FNBC sells life, property, and health insurance.
  • Fashion Window Treatments Blog: Fashion Window Treatment’s blog is dedicated to keeping you informed about the sales and trends in their industry.
  • Franklin Goose Blog: Franklin Goose is a local business in Richmond Virginia, and their blog is dedicated to informing customers about products and promotions.
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  • Ace Capital Blog:A�Ace Capital is a investment firm that focuses on constant and steady returns with very little risk, and their WordPress blog is aimed at informing investors.

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We have a team of talented WordPress developers ready to take on any project so feel free to contact us with ideas for your project, and we will work with you to to reach the vision you have for your own WordPress site.