custom laravel development

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source web application framework originally developed in 2011 that gives us the ability to build almost any web application with very little restrictions. Today Laravel has grown considerably and offers extreme versatility with development by using a template engine, being modular, and using a veriety of librarys to make development a seamless process.To make a comparison, Magento and WordPress are like coloring books, and Laravel is like a blank canvas. If you are looking for a custom site with tons of possibilities like; paypal integration, affirm integration, stripe integration, and easy post integration, then Laravel is definitely for you.

Common applications of Laravel

Laravel is commonly used for custom web applications and websites. If you need a site or a web app that has a custom function, or needs custom integration that WordPress, or Magento can not offer Laravel can handle that. Laravel allows us to build a site for you from the ground up, so if you need a CMS(content management system) or a CRUD(create, retrieve, update, and delete) interface that allows you to schedule events and keep track of a hand full of moving parts A�we can do it with Laravel. We’ve also developed eCommerce solutions with Laravel as well due to integration restrictions with Magento. Ultimately, if you can come up with an idea, Laravel can be used to bring it to life given that your idea is a website or web application.

Is Laravel right for you?

  • Do you need a custom web application?
  • Do you need custom integration that WordPress or Magento can not offer?
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  • Do you need a custom CRUD(create, retrieve, update, delete) interface for site administrators?
  • Is advanced user authentication that has the ability to track users important to you?
  • Is a relatively light framework that allows for relatively fast development important to you?
  • Is a high level of customization to the front end of you website important to you?
  • Is a high level of back end administrative customization important to you?
  • Do you need Social Media integration with services like facebook, google+, and twitter?
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  • Do you need payment gateway integration for PayPal, swipe,, google+, or Amazon?
  • Do you need email with a logo to represent your organization?
  • Is having a responsive website that works on a verity of screens important to you?
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  • Is having your site on an open source platform that is constantly updated and improved important to you?

If you answered yes to a majority of these then Laravel might be the the framework for your site/web application. If not please have a look at our Magento or WordPress pages. Please keep in mind that Laravel is special, yes Laravel offers some of the same advantages as Magento or WordPress, but in the long run a Laravel site is better suited to grow with your company. The possibility for adaptation is outstanding when it comes to Laravel due to it’s nature.


Custom Laravel Sites We’ve Built

  • dulcolax tablets price philippines Snob Swap: Snob Swap is an up and coming online consignment solution that brings high fashion consignment shops from all over North America to one location.
  • Party RVA: Party RVA is a unique service that connects people with event planning services all over Richmond Virginia.
  • Ace Capital:A�Ace Capital is a investment firm that focuses on constant and steady returns with very little risk.
  • MCLA: (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association)
  • Work Place Dimensions:A�Is a web application that helps organizations hire the right people for the right positions.

If you are interested in a web application project please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.