Ameronix was founded in September 2006 by co-founders Brian Harris and Mory Wood. In its infancy, Ameronix provided desktop and server support for First National Brokerage in Richmond, VA. In between cleaning up computer viruses and server backups, Brian and Mory dabbled in PHP building various scripts to automate some tasks for FNBC. FNBC was fast approaching the limits of their existing agency management system. Instead of buying an off the shelf software to replace the aging system they put their programming experience to good use and starting writing code. A few months passed and viola! the new system was in production. Conversion scripts ran each night to import, export, clean and reorganize data from the legacy system. It was only a matter of time for Ameronix and its future customers.

The Ameronix Difference

It wasn't enough to know a single tool or service or methodology. Truly recommending the right tool for the job requires careful consideration of many factors, tools, languages and methodologies. Ameronix prides itself on thinking outside of the box to come up with the best fit solution. Our team members have cultivated and grown our process into a first class option for new and existing customers across the US and around the world.